“Down to Dust,” upcoming in River Teeth, Fall 2023

“Tamarack,” upcoming in Rooted 2: Best New Arboreal Nonfiction, an anthology.


“Apology,” in Pensive: A Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts, issue 6.


“Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” in The Windhover, Spring 2021.


“Womb,” in Rock and Sling, Spring/Summer 2020

“Father-Mother-God” in Lindenwood Review, Issue 10, 2020.

“Chimeras,” in Burningword Literary Journal, April 2020.

“Collared,” in Herstry Blog, March 2020.

“Dark Angels,” in Little Patuxent Review, Winter 2020


“Evensong,” in The Windhover, August 2019

“What Sadie Knew,” in Open: Journal of Arts and Letters.

“Death Lodge,” in Ruminate Blog, May 2019.

Poems in Leaping Clear, Spring 2019

“Sometimes the Dead DO Speak”, Indiana Voice Journal, “The Final Issue,” #41

“In the Otherside,” Wilderness House Literary Review, Winter 2019,


“Remembering(Remembering),” DaCunha Global, (website extinct as of 12/19)

“Miserere,” Bending Genres, issue six, December 2018,

“Burning Questions,” Ponder Review, vol. 2, issue 2. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize. (page 82 in issue 2.2)


“Equipping the Next Generations to Speak their Faith Aloud,” Anglican Theological Review, Fall 2016.

“The Question of Vocation: Or, Learning to Ask the Right Question,” The  Journal of School and Society: An Online Publication of the John Dewey Society, vol. 3, issue 1, pages 12-17, 2016.

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