Today, in a rapidly changing religious landscape, the structures of Christendom which once almost automatically instilled faith in generation after generation of believersare gone. For faithful Episcopalians, it has become essential to learn how to “”tell the old, old story of Jesus and his love.”” This is especially important for those generations born after the Baby Boom, which are experiencing the rapid rise of the “”nones””people who have lost their faith, or who have no faith at all. The time to speak, to share our faith, is now. Kit Carlson offers a road map for those who want to learn to speak about the faith that lives within them.

When is “working like a dog” a good thing?  Find out in this special book, which invites you to spend a day on the job with a groundskeeper, a chaplain, a cheerleader, a state trooper, and twenty-three other hard-working professionals who give their all for the boss and expect little more in return than a pat on the head.

A collection of facts about how many different animals behave in relation to courtship, mating, and caring for offspring.
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